Friday, August 13, 2010

Anto Flood Interview

We Here at the blog are very happy to announce our long awaited mystery interview, with Anto Flood.

This is Anto with former club Shelbourne

So Anto you were recently released by Galway United after a short time there, how was that experience?

Ah loved me time at Galway I went there to score goals and I did that the fans were great and I enjoyed my football there playing week in week out.

Yes, and you now ply your trade in Sweden, how are you finding that?

Its better then I expected it to be the standard of football is quality the games do be full week in week out I’m loving full time football at this stage of me career I’m working so hard to start the next game fingers crossed but all in all its quality and I’m loving it here

Cool, do you like the set-up in Sweden?

Yeah it’s a great set up everything is really professional training right eating right and I feel this experience will bring my game on leap and bounds I feel alot sharper in training all cause this set up is what I need at this stage lets just say the set up here is alot more advanced then the LoI

Wow. Is this the first time you have played full-time?

Well it’s the highest standard I’ve played at when I was with St pats full time I said that was the closet thing to this experience training wise and stuff.

Oh, do you think this could further your career, maybe get you a future Ireland cap?

Well all I can do is train hard and score goals and hopefully something happens cause the standard in this league is quality there is 4 internationals in the team from across Europe so hopefully something happens

So obviously there was serious interest in you from other clubs was there really much of a choice for you when you heard Örebro SK wanted you?

Well I was heading for St. Mirren and Orebro made me a far better offer and as I was saying the football here would be better then Scotland

Okay, so we know you have actually played for shamrock rovers on loan, how was it playing in Tolka Park?

Ah rovers was a great time for me scored a few goals but they had a manager who I wouldn’t play for ever again I’d have no time for him

Okay then. Well anyway you also have played for pats, how was it in Inchicore?

Pats was my stepping stone into the league Johnny Mc. was the manager it was a good time but didn’t get the chance to play much so I went on loan to rovers from there and loan to Athlone scored goals at both clubs and my contract was up at the end of that season so john gill rang me he had me at Athlone he took the Dundalk job so I signed there for him. John was a great manager

Yeah and when you left Dundalk for Shels you ironically scored your first goal against the Oriel Park outfit, how did that feel?

Ah it was good it’s always nice to score against an old club but every goal I score I celebrate it the same I love scoring that’s why I play up front

Great. So were you sad after your contract was terminated for a "Breach Of Discipline" at Oriel Park?

Well that’s what the papers said it wasn’t that. Something happened after a game things happened from there. There was never breach of discipline if that was the case they would of not paid me the rest of season wages so it was the paper that put that in that didn’t happen

Oh. Moving swiftly on were you angry in 2008 when you were pipped for the title with Shels and of the personal golden boot?

Ah well that’s football we were 1 min away from winning the title but the team that won it deserved it and the golden boot I was disappointed because the first half of the season I had 13 goals in so many games I was flying and then we played Leeds in a pre-season friendly and I done my ankle so that slowed me down if I didn’t get that injury I reckon I would have hit the 20 mark comfortable.

Oh yeah the infamous Leeds friendlies. So then you spent another season at Shels before moving to the premier league with Galway, how did the move come about?

Well I didn’t hear back from the Shels manager so I got onto my agent I was over with Aldershot in England but before I went Sean Conner asked me to play a game for them against Hull. I played it and after I came back from Aldershot, I turned down the move to the English side. Sean Conner found out, he called me and the rest is history! I signed.

Oh and you had a short spell before joining Örebro SK. Why your time so short?

Because Orebro came calling and I was getting offered a good contract far better then the Galway one so I had no hesitation

Oh well we are almost out of time so here is the days random question

Who in your opinion is the greatest player of all time?

Well mine would have to be up to date I never saw Van Basten Mardona or Pele I’ll go for Zidane

We here at the show would like to thank Anthony Flood for doing the interview and our reporter Donagh Corby for conducting the interview.
Thank you and goodbye.

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