Monday, August 23, 2010

Ciaran O'Brien Interview

We here at the show are delighted to announce that we are having our first interview with a non-LoI player; Colarado Rapids star: Ciaran O'Brien! Sit back and relax as Donagh Corby asks the star about Beckham, The MLS and Peter Beardsley!!!

So Ciaran you play for Colorado Rapids how do you like the set-up there?

We have a great facility. Stadium is top quality and the training pitch is kept really well. Colorado is always sunny so it makes for a good training environment.

And we know last year you went on loan with Montreal Impact and Austin Aztex, did you like those clubs?

Yeah it was great, Austin was a short stint and Montreal was for a few months. Montreal has a great following up there and the atmosphere was great to play in front of. When they go to the MLS in 2012 it will be a great place to play.

Yeah, so Montreal won a trophy too, how did it feel to win that?

It was great. Probably the first proper championship I won. Great to win after all the work you put in through out the season

So now back at Colorado, do you think they can do anything major this season?

We have a great team. But we haven’t been getting results. It’s tough to tell. I have been out

of favour so it is a bit frustrating to watch us not getting results. But if we play well we can make the playoffs and then who knows what will happen

Do you think the play-offs are a realistic option?

Yeah we are middle of the pack. We need a stretch of wins but it is definitely possible

Hm, and who do you think will top the league?

Looks like Columbus will win the league. LA is close but doesnt look like they will make up the gap. There is still a long way to go though so who knows.

Yeah and with Beckham back LA could move up. So on another note we know you have also played with clubs like Tacoma and Seattle, did you like it their?

Tacoma is where I played during the summer before the college season. We had a quality team, My Dad was the manager and it was a great experience. Seattle on loan my first year I played really well. The manager there was quality and put a lot of confidence in me which made it much easier to play like myself

So we know you have played with David Beckham, how did it feel to be on the same pitch as him?

It was my first professional game. I think it hit other people more than myself. It was just like

playing against another player. You don’t really take in that it is Beckham. But it definitely will be a cool story to say I played against him my first game

Yeah, and you were sent off in that game unfortunately and quite harshly, were you very disappointed after that?

Yeah I ended up being suspended for 2 games. It really was tough to deal with. The tackle looks a lot worse than what it really was.

Yeah, so we are almost out of time, so time for the days random question: Who was your favourite player as a kid?

Peter Beardsley. My dad played with him in Vancouver when he was really young. Then I followed his career. Aside from him I would say John Barnes or Ian Rush

We would like to thank Ciaran for his generous amount of time and Donagh for the interview. But the question is do you think this outside-LoI interview should be a recurring segment?

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