Thursday, August 19, 2010

Darren Meenan Interview

We here at the show would like to apologise for the delay, but here is our interview with Darren Meenan, and we will be re-uploading our old text interviews from the youtube.

So Darren you recently signed for struggling side Drogheda United, how did that come about?

Eh well I was with Drogheda boys when I was younger and knew Darius so had a chat and came down to train and I had look and signed.

That’s great. And how do you compare the set-up at the Louth club to other clubs you have played for?

Well going from Sligo full time to part time has been different, but there’s good people here an we have the best of everything and you can’t complain

So do you think you can push on and steer clear of relegation?

I think We can definitely overtake Galway.

Well what is your opinion on Irish teams in Europe?

I think Irish teams are underrated as we seen Fingal were unlucky, rovers had a great game with Juventus and I like to see the teams in Europe do well its good for the league

So were you disappointed with Bohs and Dundalk?

I was Very disappointed with Bohs I thought they took the game for granted an didn’t go into it with the right attitude, Dundalk just weren’t good enough

While we’re on the topic of Bohs, what is your opinion on them beating Aston Villa?

It’s good to see and as I said before Irish teams don’t get the respect they deserve

So what was your opinion when Bohs and Drogheda was called off at the knife-edge score of 1-0?

I was happy because we didn’t turn up that day and we’ll have a crack again at a later date.

Okay I see, so anyway, We know you have played at u-21 level with Northern Ireland, how was that whole experience?

It was good I’ve played all the way up for N. Ireland I qualify through my da he’s from Derry City. The Republic wouldn’t give me chance because of me size so I got the call from them and I enjoyed it

So how did it feel to pull on the green jersey?

It felt good, but the national anthem was a weird experience when you’re from the Republic

Yeah I can see how, do you still think you could be picked at u-23 level for the Republic?

I don’t know if I could I just want to get me head down and help Drogheda stay in the premier division

Okay that’s great, well we're almost out of time so here is the random question of the day: What in your opinion is the best game you have ever played in?

Recently the FAI cup final which we sadly lost, but N. Ireland VS. Germany U-21’s Otzil, Boateng, Muller they all played and were different class.

Thanks to Darren and to Donagh Corby for conducting the interview.


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