Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The FAI Royally Screw Up

I, Donagh Corby, am disgraced at the farce regards ticketing for the Euro 2012 qualifier which will be happening on September 7th.

They are charging 70 euro for a good seat and 50 euro for a bad one. The FAI know from experience that even the barstoolers won’t be out in force for 70 euro a pop and especially not to see their “Bad” national team, play Andorra who are “The worst team in the world”.

In my opinion this is the biggest joke yet from the FAI who are well known for their attempt at getting a replay of a top game such as a World Cup Play-off, and later ask to be the 33rd team in same tournament.

They also know from experience that they will not even come near selling this out as they couldn’t sell out a team of Messi, Mascherano and Tevez, and will lose a lot of money because the 1,000 people who decide they have the money to spend on this will not buy the supposedly bad food or drinks sold at the event.

But the question is will this impact on the players performances? Do they need an atmosphere to perform? And will they be expecting their usual 30,000 at least crowds from league football?

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