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This is Tom after scoring against childhood hero's Liverpool

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Tom King of Galway United Speaks exclusively to The League of Ireland Interview Show

So Tom, Galway have been fighting relegation this year, what is your opinion on their season up to this point?

I think we are under-achieving. We have a good team and we have shown that we can be a match for any team in the league. Our squad is very young and maybe a bit naive and I think we have let a lot of points slip by giving away sloppy goals in games and they have cost us points.

So did the Team welcome the mid-season break a few weeks ago?

Yeah I think everyone did, we played a lot of games leading up to the break and I think everyone was getting a bit tired at that stage. The rest was good for us to relax and charge the batteries again.

Would you hope that the break would hopefully help the squad get back on their feet and hopefully steer clear of relegation?

I think it’s still possible, we had a good result against UCD which has boosted the squad and given us even more belief that we can avoid the play-offs.

Well that’s great news, We Hope you Stay up. And after that there was the Liverpool game at Terryland which you scored the winner in, how was that experience against your schoolboy hero’s?

It was a great feeling; I have supported them since I was a young lad so it was like a dream for me to score against them, still hasn’t sunk in yet.

It was in front of a sell-out crowd of what Pat Fenlon classed as "event-junkies", do you think your performance as a squad might have made Galway a few more fans?

I hope so our attendances have been very poor this year and I hope that our performance will encourage more supporters to come to our games.

Well do you think the leagues attendance problems might have been worsened by the Manchester United Game at the Aviva?

I hope not, Manchester United are a full time team a lot of teams in our league are part time. The lads never played together before in fairness to them.

So what are your goals realistically for the rest of the Season?

For myself to nail down a starting place in the team and as a team to catch UCD and Dundalk and try to avoid the relegation play offs.

Do you think a mid-table finish is completely out of the question?

I don’t think so if we can get a bit of a run together we might be able. We need to start picking up points and that starts on Friday night for us against Bohs

Well against Bohs you haven't actually lost this season so do you think you can pick up points at Dalymount?

I think there is no reason to fear them we have played them twice and picked up four points so we will go in to that game with no fear.

Yes I would think it is vital. So in all the clubs financial trouble, do you think that you will be playing for Galway next year?

I don’t know I an singed until the end of the season so that will be up to the manger to decide but it would be ideal for me as i am in college in Galway at the moment.

So how does Galway's set-up compare to your other clubs?

We have a decent set up to be fair, Sean has had to do a lot of work to get us the facilities in the University in Galway but now we have use of pitches, gym, pool and running track which is better than last year with Longford where we trained in Athlone which wasn’t ideal.

Yeah that’s a long enough trip. So what do you think of Sean Conner?

Sean is a very passionate manager and all he wants is players to do what he asks and give 100% in everything they do. He has had a hard job this year and its probably new to him with us being part time and having to deal with money problems.

Yeah, I know.
We are almost out of time so here is the days RANDOM QUESTION:
Who are the biggest club you have ever played against?

I am a bit bias on that question and would have to say Liverpool because in my eyes they are the biggest team in the world.

We here at the League of Ireland Interview Show want to thank Donagh Corby (our reporter) and Tom King for this interview and it will be going up on our facebook page of The League of Ireland Interview Show.
We have another interview later !
But for now. Goodbye.

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