Friday, September 24, 2010

Barry Ryan (Not GUFC) Interview

We here at the blog are very excited to say we have an interview with an amateur footballer, who used to play LoI Football with Kilkenny; Barry Ryan of Clonmel Town.

First off Barry, we know you were once an LoI player yourself, what forced your choice to quit and start playing intermediate?

I was at Kilkenny City for 2 spells. One under Pat Scully and the other under Tommy Gaynor but unfortunately the club went into administration. Was very hard for soccer to compete with GAA in kilkenny, I hope some day the club will be back, was a great stadium and pitch

Okay, and now you play for Non-League Side Clonmel Town, Do you like it there regardless of the fact it is a huge step down from LoI?

Clonmel Town is one of the top amateur sides in the country and almost everyone on the squad has played league of Ireland. We were beaten in the FAI Junior Cup semi-final last year so we will be hoping to go one better this year and in Tony Scully we have an Irish amateur international as well as a couple of FAI winners in Ian Clery and Barry Murphy

Yeah, and how did it feel when you heard Kilkenny had gone into administration and that you would not be playing for them anymore?

It was a massive disappointment at the time, I had enjoyed playing senior football and playing in places like turners cross and Tolka Park and was looking forward to the following season but it wasn’t to be.

Would you hope that You could still go back and play football in one of Ireland's Top leagues?

To be honest a lot of time and travelling is involved and I’m currently studying for my degree in the university of limerick to become a P.E teacher so I’m focused on that and love playing with Clonmel Town and the club is run as well as any First Division League of Ireland sides.

Okay, and were you proud last year that you got a crowd big enough to make any majour side drool for that match the FAI Junior cup semi-final?

Yeah there was a massive crowd at the game and it was an incredible atmosphere and a fantastic advertisement for amateur football. There would rarely be that many at a First Division League of Ireland game. Unfortunately though the only memories I have of that day are bad ones. When you lose semi finals the atmosphere or the occasion are no consolation

Yeah, did you feel you played well enough to reach the final?

No we never turned up on the day and were completely outplayed and Saint Michaels were deserving winners. It was the second semi final in a row we have lost so here’s hoping for 3rd time lucky. Clonmel Town deserve an FAI Junior Cup and especially players like Ray Condon and Tony Scully who have been there so long

Okay, well I am almost out of time so I will ask you the days random question:

What did you think of the Dunmanway FC v Liverpool game last year? Did it make you proud to see a Cork amateur team [like yourselves] play a top premier league team?I thought it was a credit to Dunmanway to have the ambition and drive to make a fixture like that happen and a proud day for all concerned

We would like to thank Barry for his time and to our reporter Donagh Corby for asking the questions

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