Thursday, September 2, 2010

David Sheppard Interview

Here is this weeks interview with Galway's new signing. The brother of Ireland u-23 International Karl Sheppard. David Sheppard.

David fans of the LoI didn't know much about you when you signed for Galway so could you tell us a bit about yourself???

I’m 20 years old, I’m from Dublin. Played all my football in Dublin, started with Portmarnock then had spells with Bohs and Sporting Fingal.

Okay and did you like it with Bohs?

Yeah had a good manager and the lads were all good craic. played with a few of the lads from Portmarnock as well

And you played for Fingal afterward what was that experience like?

It was good there was alot of talented footballers there so we could play good football. They had a good set up as well.

And it came as a shock to the Galway United and indeed League of Ireland faithful when you signed for Galway United, how did the move come about?

I was training with Bray and I got word that Galway wanted to have a look at me so I went down for a few weeks training and they offered to sign me…

You mention Bray, did it look like you were going to sign for them?

Yes, I had been training with them for 2 or 3 weeks but i was always going to pick Galway over Bray!

Yeah, and at Galway who would your best mate be?

Eh. I get along with all the lads but I suppose I’d have to say the lads I live with, my brother, J Makenzie, Rhys Meynell, Tom King and not forgetting DJ Reilly ha

That’s good so you settled in quickly?

Yeah got settled in quick enough.

All good, and how do you like training under Sean Connor?

I like it yeah, we have a good laugh with him but at the same time everything is done properly!

Is there much of a contrast to training with Eddie Gormley at Bray?

No not really obviously both managers have their own way of doing things but its in or around the same thing.

Okay well we know you took the big step from DDSL sort of stuff with Portmarnock when you joined Bohs, was it a big step up and did you enjoy it?

Yeah of course I enjoyed it. That’s what I’m always looking for to keep moving upwards.

Okay well we are almost out of time so it is time for the days random question

Who is the best player you have been on the pitch with?

That’s a tough one. I’d have to say my brother or Christy Fagan he always gave us problems and he went to united after schoolboy.

We would like to thank David for his time and Donagh for doing the interview. Thanks people and goodbye.

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