Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Billy Brennan Interview

Billy, How does it feel to be back playing?
Great to be back playing, I missed playing week in week out, its always frustrating when you are not selected to play. When you have a spell out of the team, I think once you get back in you appreciate it more and work even harder to stay in.

When U.C.D beat pats did that help the morale in the dressing room ?
To be fair the morale is always good in the dressing room we have some good personalities and characters at the club and we have not got to down about the disappointing results and also we have not gotten ahead of ourself s with the positive results. The pats win was vital because of our current position in the league. The bray game we feel we left two points behind us. So hopefully we can get a positive result this week again shamrock rovers which will be a very difficult game but one we are all looking forward to.

What were your ambitions for this season and did you achieve them ??
We wanted to finish as high as we could and make sure we stay in the league giving us something to build on the following year and we wanted a cup run which didn't happen for us. so the main ambition now is to pick up as many points as we can in the remaining games and avoid the play-offs to make sure we are in the top division next season and improve on this season.

With players heading abroad like Amond do you think any player can stand a chance of a career in England or anywhere if they have a good season ?
Amond got a great move and one he fully deserved he was on fire in the league this year and I'm sure giving the opportunity he will carry that form on with his new club. I don't believe that England is the be all and end all by any means. podge's move is proof of that, there are a lot of good players in this league many of which I believe can play at a higher level giving the right opportunity. Personally speaking on behalf of myself I feel I would have to make a mark in this league first and foremost before I look away from here, my main focus is to preform here and if somewhere down the line i play to a level that may attract interest from clubs abroad then I think every player would like to progress and play higher.

Are you happy with the FAI who have come under attack the past few weeks calling them failures..Would the league survive without them ?

They are our governing body and of course they deserve respect. At the end of the day the F.A.I are important in running football in Ireland its impossible to keep everyone happy. And the media can create a negative atmosphere sometimes and people can jump on the band wagon. There doing there best so let them get on with it.

What are your ambitions for the next Season ...?

ha ha I'll finish out this season first pal!!

And Finally. What ground is your favorite out of the league ??

Tallaght stadium love the place always look forward to playing there.

We would like to thank U.C.D's Billy Brennan for taking time to do this interview and thanks to reporter Alex Murray for conducting it. !
Thanks to the followers, hope you enjoyed it !
Alex :)

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