Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barry O Mahony Interview!!

So Barry, What where your main reasons for leaving Sligo?
I was playing mostly for the reserves and 20's which was going very well for us, but our manager at the time left for personal reasons which was a big blow.after that,i just wasn't enjoying my football and decided to leave the club.

How do you describe the felling in winning the E.A Sports Cup Final?
I was delighted for the club as I've supported them all my life and will continue to do so.It was great for the town and I was delighted.

What where your ambitions for this season and did you achieve them?
I would have liked to be involved in the first team a bit more,but with the quality of the squad it was always going to be tough.but I'm still young and we will see what happens!

With players heading aboard like Amond do you any player can stand a chance of a career in England or anywhere if they have a good season ?
There are definitely players able to go abroad.a number of the players in this league are well able to go abroad.

What are your ambitions for the next Season ...?
I would love to sign for another league of Ireland team and do well,but I will see what happens.

Who do you think will win the League this Season?
I think bohemians will win it.But it will go down to the last game of the season.

Who would you like to see relegated and promoted?
I'm not sure but i would feel sorry for bray as they have been doing very well lately.but i think Drogheda will go down..Monaghan to get promoted.

Are you happy with the FAI who have come under attack the past few weeks calling them failures..Would the league survive without them ?
I'm not too sure,I don't read to much into that.

And Finally, What ground do you like the most in the League , It can be either first division or Premier!!
I like Terryland but i love the showgrounds..there aren't many more places that will beat the showgrounds on a good night!

We wish to send out our thanks to our Reporter Alex Murray for creating this interview and to Former Sligo Man Barry O Mahony for taking the time to do this interview, We wish him all the best in the future!!

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