Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brian Gartland Interview

Brian, Monaghan have really been the LoI's surprise package this season, what do you think of the season as a whole?

It’s been a great season so far. But the next few weeks will determine how we view our season really.

You played in the EA Sports cup final recently and of course the FAI Cup quarter final and lost both to Sligo, how disappointing is it to lose 2 chances at silverware when you are so close to the line?

It’s gutting really. We knew it would be tough and learned a lot from the first game in the FAI Cup Quarter final which made the game more interesting for the Cup Final. It’s largely disappointing but Sligo are a top side and all credit to them, they deserved to win both games in honesty. But we have a taste of it now and we can take confidence from the Cup Final and hopefully go on to lift the League Trophy at the end of the season.

You mention the League Trophy, it looked close to impossible to ply the title out of Derry's grip but you have done it, is it a major satisfaction to have overtaken a team that this time a year and a half ago were fighting for the Premier League title and competing in Europe?

Derry were 12 or 13 points ahead but I always believed they'd go through a bad spell and hopefully we could put some pressure on them... And it couldn’t have happened better for us. Yeah, it’s great to be competing for the title come the last month of the season. And even better to have the likes of Cork, Shels, Waterford and Derry all in the League too. It shows the competitiveness of the League.

Yeah, this time 2 weeks ago it looked like you could have won a unique treble of promotion, League Cup and FAI Cup, did you think at the time it was too good to be true?

Ah, we were only in the quarters of the FAI Cup so still a long way off silverware with all the top teams still left. But yeah, we couldn’t believe how well it has gone. runners up in the League cup and winning the league wouldn’t be too bad either though!!!

promotion is our aim so if we can get that its a successful season for Monaghan

Exactly. But do the team still think of the what-ifs? Had you beaten Sligo you would have played Bohs, who you had already beaten in cup competition this season

There's always what-ifs in football... ya never know what would have happened. But we have to forget about the past now and concentrate on our next game

Lets talk a little bit now about your previous clubs, Did you like Tolka Park with Shelbourne?

Yeah I did. Shels are a big club and the fans are great.

At the time they were just coming out of a financial drop, were you happy that didn't affect your playing?

Yeah that had nothing to do with me. I was brought in after all that. It was a new and young

team put together so it was a learning curve so to speak.

On the subject of clubs in decline, are you sad that so many teams seem to be going out of business because money in our domestic league?

Yeah it seems clubs aren't learning the lessons from experience of other clubs in the league going out of business or into severe financial trouble. The league isn't substantial as it stands and a change is needed.

Yeah, well let’s move off the subject and talk about your time with Bray, did you like the Carlisle grounds?

Yeah I enjoyed it there; I was young and just coming into senior football

And in your second year you won u-21 player of the year. Was that a great honour?

Yeah it was a great honour, especially as I missed the last couple of games of the season. It’s always great to get accolades. It shows your developing further and your efforts are being rewarded.

Okay, and what forced your decision to leave?

Well I wanted first team football and it didn’t look like Eddie was going to give it to me.

Okay, and did it also tempt you that bar their financial turmoil, Shels had just won the premier league?

Shels was a massive attraction, first team football with a big club with great fans and history.

Yeah, were you disappointed that they didn’t register for the Champions League? Obviously it wasn't a realistic option but would you still have liked it?

I never expected them to; Under UEFA rules they wouldn't be eligible anyway I think.

Okay. And let's talk a bit now about your move to the magic Mons, how did it come about?

Mick Cooke just gave me a call; I met him and decided there is where I wanted to go.

Okay, well we are almost out of time, so here is the day’s RANDOM QUESTION: if you could play for/against any club in the world, who would it be?

Playing for any club would have to be Liverpool as I’m a lifelong fan or Barcelona, they're just top class.

We would like to thank Brian Gartland for his time and Donagh Corby for doing it.

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