Monday, October 11, 2010

Ciaran Kilduff interview

So Ciaran , What is it like playing in the Airtricty League and being a big star of the league?
Ha I wouldn't say big star, but I'm loving every minute of it. After spending 2 years in the 1st division with both UCD and Kildare County I was delighted to get a crack at the Premier Division.

When U.C.D Pulled off a remarkable win over Shamrock Rovers , did this help the morale of the team?
Obviously... It was always going to help the morale.. We had beaten St.Pats two weeks before and then followed it up with a 2.2 draw in Bray so we were in good form, but beating Rovers the way we did was unbelievable..

During the close Season, Are you staying put and do you like where you are now?

I really don't know what next season holds.. I haven't really thought about it to be honest.

What where your ambitions for this season , And did you match them?
As a striker my target was to try and hit double figures and also for UCD to secure a premier division status. Also I wanted to improve as a player and I feel I have done that.

With players heading aboard like Amond do you any player can stand a chance of a career in England or anywhere if they have a good season ?
Without a doubt.. The Irish league provides a great "shop window" for players. I think there are numerous players currently playing in the league that are good enough to move away..

Are you happy with the FAI who have come under attack the past few weeks calling them failures..Would the league survive without them ?
Personally, I have no complaints.

What are your ambitions for the next Season ...?
To improve

And Finally, What ground is your favorite out of the league, And why?
I love playing in Dalymount Park.. It has the history and all, but Tallaght also is a bit special!

We wish to thank Ciaran Kilduff for this interview and wish him all the best in the future ! And thanks to our reporter Alex Murray for conducting the interview. Hope you enjoyed it!
Alex :)

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