Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Okay, Danny you are on loan at Bristol city in the championship how do you find the set-up there?

I find the set up here very different to Tottenham but I believe the set up is amazing here and players seem like a great bunch of lads

Yeah you mention that the players are good lads who are your best mates at the club so far?

Since being at city I have got on very well with Marvin Elliot

Yeah and lets talk about spurs, were you disappointed when you found out you would be leaving them for a while to play on loan?

I am a little bit disappointed about leaving spurs but I’m still young and want as much experience as I can get

Yeah do you reckon that Spurs early exit from the Carling Cup could have pushed them to leave go of lads like yourself?

Not at all mate

Okay and lets go back to last season, you scored one of the best goals ever seen in a north london derby how did it feel to score that goal?

It was a great feeling to score against our biggest rivals. I just saw the chance to shot and thought lets have a go of it and look what it turns out to be

And what did it feel like in the dressing room knowing that YOUR goal had helped immensley in Spurs European qualification?

I don’t really call it my help, we all worked hard to get what we wanted

I see you’re very modest. And now let’s talk about England, you have played at many underage levels for England throughout your career. How does it feel to stand singing God Save the Queen?

It’s always a great honour to stand there in front of thousands of fans and sing the national anthem

And then you wear the three lions over your heart how does it feel to just hit a shot and see it ripple in the net for England?

It’s always great to score for your country

And is there any extra pride knowing that camera's are rolling, the entire nation is watching? Obviously since that goal we mentioned earlier people have been paying very close attention to your form

Yeah there is alot of pride when u see yourself on television after games

I see lets move off the subject you have played with and indeed against a lot of great players in your time who has been your favourite to be on the pitch with?

It has to be Aaron Lennon for me just because of the way he plays, fast, and sharp and energetic.

We would like to thank danny for his time and Donagh for this HUGE interview, see you later

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