Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rising Star of the Week: Conor Murphy

We have a new segment on the blog every fortnight where we upload an interview with a rising star in the League and our first one is Conor Murphy.

He is back from England's Middlesborough and now plays with Shamrock Rovers in Dublin who he is having a very good time there.
I’m very much enjoying it, it’s full of good people that want the club to push on which is what I want.

He left Middlesbourough in England last year but in his time he was a very bright talent
Boro was quality full of great players that I learned alot from I enjoyed my time there. There are players in the LoI that have the quality to go over and do well in England.

While we were on that subject he was very happy to talk about players like ex-Rovers lad Padraig Amond
If people from abroad come to watch League of Ireland games they will see some of the players and how good they are, the league is a very good standard

And he was asked about the possibilities of going back to england he was very optimistic of his chances

Yeah it’s my goal to go back to England hopefully I will but all I’m focused on now is doing well for rovers

He has been scoring regularly and playing well for the A team, and that has lead to him being in a lot of first team squads. We asked him what his goals wereand if he had reached them

To do well and to enjoy my football and get myself into a few 1st team squads and

I’ve been in nearly all the squads this season so I’ve been pleased enough

We were almost out of time so we asked about Shamrock Rovers manager Michael O'Neill of Scotland who has been linked with a move home to Hibernian, and when asked Conor had this to say:
People that do well get linked with different things he’s obviously doing a good job if there’s other clubs interested

We would like to say thanks to our reporter Donagh for doing the interview and of course Conor for doing the interview. Do you like the feature?

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