Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rising Star of the Week: GAVIN COLTON

Gavin first off you recently signed for UCD how do you find the set-up there?

UCD has been a great move for me; the set-up over there is second to none. I’ve really enjoyed being there.

And you signed from Cherry Orchard who recently played in the milk cup how was that experience?

The Milk Cup was one of the best weeks of my life. We played against some unreal teams up there like Etoile Lusitana of Senegal. It’s an honour to be invited up to the Milk Cup and to captain my team up there was great!

Yes you say you captained the team how does it feel to lead out your team on the semi-international stage?

It was a great feeling leading them out. Our team was very close. And to lead them out in the final of the Shield in the Milk Cup against London Derry was unreal. Although we lost the match it’s was my favourite of the games up there. I also picked up man of the match in that game

Yes now lets talk about the Inter Milan experience you were there on the TV Show Football's Next Star and you got many honours how did you like that?

My time in Italy was the best experience of my life so far. I loved the set up over there and the everyday training was deadly. Meeting all the people I did over there was almost unreal, meeting the likes of Figo and Mourinho is not something everyone gets to do. I was gutted coming home but enjoyed every minute over there!

Yeah you mention Mourinho. You were actually given the opportunity to train with the first-team, how did you find that? Was it overwhelming to do exercises with players like Eto’o and Balotelli etc?

When we met Mourinho I knew I was going to ask him could we train with him because we most likely will never get near that ever again. I got lucky when he gave me the nod and invited me over. We started straight into some shooting which wouldn’t be my strong point; nerves got the better of me in the first two shots but tucked my third one away!
It was only later on that I came back down to earth and realised that I had just been playing with the like of Viera and Eto’o, players I’ve always looked up to

Who was the best player to train with?

Viera or Lucio were the best to train with

And you played against the top youth teams in the country, which was the best team/player to play against?

When we played against Inter U19, Primaveira, they were exceptionally good. Although we won the match they were all so technically good!

They best player we played against was a small Brazilian lad who played inn the Inter 19s. He has since broken into the first team

Were they tougher to play again against then any teams in the Milk Cup?

Yes they were much tougher to play against which is understandable considering they’re the European champions and 2 years older. But the level some of the Inter players are at is exceptional

Yeah and lets talk about now meeting Figo, it was a reward for keeping your room tidy did you realise if you kept your room in good shape that you would get rewards like that?

we weren’t told that if we were tidy etc we would be rewarded. But I prefer keeping my things tidy so I got lucky really. I felt bad on Paola for having to tidy up after us so I did what I could to make her job easier

And when you met him was there any tension in the group from jealousy?

The majority of the lads were happy for me and Connor getting to meet him. But I’m sure there was some jealousy from some of the lads which is natural

Yeah and was he a nice bloke when the day arrived?

Ye he was really nice to us. Just very down to earth and genuine. I didn’t expect him to be any other way to be honest

Okay well we're almost out of time so our last question is, in your career who would you like to play for/against?

I’m a West Ham fan so I would love to play my football in Upton Park! I would love to play against United in Old Trafford.

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