Monday, October 25, 2010

U.C.D's Matchday Experince

This is an article from U.C.D fan Gareth O'Reilly, who is now going to do a weekly blog about UCD , we wish to Thank Gareth for his hard work , he deserves all the best he gets out of it! Enjoy!

There was an atmosphere among the UCD fans that this was a game where they would be entertained by Sligo who many leading pundits have said that they play the best football in the league. Things didn’t start well for Sligo as the team only arrived at 18:45, only one hour before kick off. This wasn’t down to very poor time management by the Sligo management but a two hour delay on the M50 due to a five car collision.

UCD had lost all their three previous fixtures against Sligo this season. In manager Martin Russell’s pre game notes he talks about how much UCD has grown this season. This is a very true assessment as the club now has a promotions officer and a media officer. On the night Sligo showed why they will be making an FAI Ford Cup Final appearance in the new Aviva Stadium. They scored twice in the first three minutes of the second half and although UCD pulled one back on through Ciaran Kilduff, it wasn’t to be a happy ending to their home campaign.

The experience on match day’s down at the UCD Bowl was as usual very friendly and the action on the field was of a very high standard and any neutrals who were there Friday night will have seen some quality football.

The last stop for the 2010 campaign is a trip across Dublin to the Morton Stadium where they will take on Sporting Fingal.

That’s my story of the events of last Friday! If you want to see some of the best young footballers in the country then there is no better place to so it than the UCD Bowl. Thanks for reading!!!

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