Friday, December 24, 2010

Chris Shields Interview

Okay, First of Chris thanks for taking time to speak to The LoI Interview Show

No problem

Okay so this year has been very up-down for Bray, who up to towards the end of the season looked to be "Doing a Derby" until Eddie Gormley left and Pat Devlin took over when you pulled off the remarkable feat of staying up via the play-offs, what did you think?

Ah Eddie can’t get all of the blame, as a team we weren’t performing well, but I suppose Pat made a big difference when he took over along with Keith Long and they did a brilliant job to keep us up

Yes and you yourself had a remarkable finish to the season starting with an own-goal against Monaghan and then within an hour of that scoring the winning penalty in the shoot-out how did it feel not only when you scored both stunning goals, but also when Jake Kelly saved your reputation in-between?

Streakers invade the pitch, oh wait it's just an ecstatic Chris Shields
Ha ha ye it was absolute madness, stuff you only see in a film. When the own goal went in I just felt absolute dejection [I] was near going to ask to be taken off, when Jake scored it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders myself and Daire Doyle went off on our own little celebration. But when the peno went in there was no better feeling in the world

Then you won Young Player of the Year award for Bray, and as we all know many a great player has won that in there time was that really the icing on the cake to end the season?

I was absolutely chuffed with that, yes like u said it was the icing on the cake, really I wasn’t expecting it because of the amount of young players who had a good year like Shane O’Neil, Jake Kelly and Dave Webster so I was delighted

Now lets talk a little about the bad things about this year, in the Monaghan game fans got onto the pitch in an all too easy manner when both goals were scored do you think that with better security in the LoI they could have stopped that from happening?

em No I think the security is ok, but u have to look at the game that it happened, like there was no way anybody was going to stop the bray supporters getting on the pitch after the year we’ve had, and the Monaghan fans was just unfortunate

I suppose, well now lets stay on the subject of the stadium. The League title has been won at the Carlisle in the last 2 years, how long do you reckon it could be until the Home team wins the trophy at that ground??

ha-ha em I don’t know, we’re definitely not afraid of the bigger teams anyway looking at the points we took off rovers Bohs and pats this year, but its a bit early to be talking about that

Okay, well at the start of this year up to a week before the season started it looked like you would be in Ireland's second tier, do you think that could have been one of the main factors of your bad early season form?

I think it was a factor but not a huge one; there was a lot of chopping and changing throughout the season

Okay well lets get back to the happy stuff, do you reckon that results like your 0-0 draw in Dalier and your last day draw 2-2 with Rovers of the shamrock variety contributed to making the title race even more memorable than last years tight title race?

I suppose it affected it in some respect but so did other results like [Shamrock] Rovers and Fingal and Bohs and Galway. But I thought it was a fantastic end to the season going right to the last game

Okay and now lets talk about the FAI Cup were you disappointed with how that ended abruptly in the quarter finals?

I was disappointed but our main focus was always going to be on staying up, and anything in the cup was going to be a bonus

Okay well we're almost out of time our last question is a very random, non-football related question, what's your favourite movie?

Step brothers. Pure genius

We would like to thank Chris for his time as well as wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

Donagh :P

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