Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ireland's Loss Is Aussie's Gain

Yesterday (18th December 2010) it was confirmed via Facebook that the duo of Paul Byrne (Recently released from St. Patrick’s) and Michael Kelly (UCD) will be leaving the LoI to go to sunny Australia, and more importantly Melbourne with no clubs yet confirmed.

Their Status’s were updated between 16:00 and 16:05 yesterday. Kelly’s read: “one way flight to Australia booked just now, adrenaline pumpin doin it!


While Byrne’s was along the lines of: “Just booked a one way ticket to Australia......Scary!!


When asked about the move Paul Byrne had this to say to Josh Dolan: A few personal things are the main reason for moving over, I decided I needed a fresh start and the opportunity to go to Australia came up, and my phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook with offers from within the league of Ireland so it was an easy decision really"


The opportunities for pro football are few and far between in Australia, with only 11 teams in the league at this moment in time, but it is rapidly rising I will be starting out playing in a provincial league side, but I would love if I got the chance to move to the A league at some stage while I’m there


This move comes as a shock to all LoI fans as Byrne did help Pat’s to a 5th place finish in the league which [If clubs struggle financially] could see them qualify for Europe, scoring many goals and providing many assists. “Yeah I had a good run for a couple of months alright , the injury was unfortunate and in all honesty the way it was dealt with was the most upsetting thing , in my opinion I could have got back playing far sooner with the proper attention but these things happen and I probably didn’t help myself at times either


Settling in may be a problem for the Dublin-based duo but Paul Byrne isn’t to worried. “I haven’t lived away from home before so I could end up starving to death in the first couple weeks but I’m sure there will be nice restaurants near me somewhere


When asked about his long term future in the country Byrne had this to say: “I’m not sure what will happen, I’ve a visa for a year there so at least that amount of time anyway


Still no word has come out of the Kelly camp, but when he gets back to us or makes a public statement we will have it right here, on The League of Ireland Interview Show. SO WATCH THIS SPACE


Thanks to Josh Dolan very much for the interview and thank you to Mr. Paul Byrne and we wish you the best for the future.

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