Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enda Curran Interview

Enda You recently joined Galway United, what made you want to move there?

Firstly the thought of playing premier division football tempted me to make the move and I feel that its time challenge myself against the best of the best in the country

And previously you played with Mervue, did you like it there?

Yeah I really enjoyed my time with Mervue and I am very grateful of getting my chance in the L.O.I at a great club like Mervue

And obviously your from
Galway, was it always a sort of dream to join Galway’s biggest club?

Well I remember going to watch my brother at Galway united from a young age and always imagined I’d be there at some stage and now it's finally happening. So I suppose you could say it was a dream come true ha-ha

And recently Last season’s manager Tom French recently parted company with the club , did that come as a surprise to you or were the players always aware it could happen?

To be honest I was surprised tom left because he done a great job and I am very grateful to tom because he gave me my chance and I’m extremely happy it happened.

Do you think that with Galway United’s current financial situation, the
County of Galway could benefit from a merger of any of the three teams?

In my opinion I don't think a merger would work because both Mervue and Salthill have underage priorities and if this is to happen the structure for development will collapse and alot of good young players will be missing out on the opportunity to start at a lower L.O.I club and progress on to a better standard of football.

While we’re on the subject of mergers do you reckon a merger of the First Division and the Premier Division would work? Or even an Irish League and League OF
Ireland merger?

I think it would work because at the end of the day its about filling the stands and providing income is vital for the football clubs.

Now back to Mervue, what are you going to miss most about that club?

Just the togetherness and banter amongst the lads was amazing because we've played alongside each other for so long so the one of the things I’ll miss most

And what are your aims for next season?

I just hope to help Galway to finish higher in the league and get a good run in the team... playing time is vital to me so hopefully I can get a good run in the side

Finally who inspired you when you were growing up?

It’s a tough one but I’d have to say Robbie Fowler such a great goal poacher

We would like to thank Enda for his time and thanks to all of our viewers!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Matthew Blinkhorn Interview

1. First off Matthew thanks for speaking to the LoI Interview Show.

No problem

2.  Sligo Rovers won a unique treble of The FAI Cup, The League Cup and Europa league qualification; at the start of the season did you think you could be this successful?

I always knew we would be there or there abouts but we didn’t click straight away because we are a young team but the manager added some experience with Joey, Jim and Boco and to finish with 2 trophies and Europe was great.

3. You scored the winning goal in the League Cup Final, how did it feel when you saw the ball in the net and a little while later you were on the podium with the trophy?

I hadn’t scored in a few games so 2 score any goal would of been good but 2 score it in a final and it being the winner made it even better.

4. Then a month later you beat St. Pat's to win 3rd spot in the league, did you feel at any point during that game that it wasn't going to be your night?

Not really no they had a couple of efforts but wit the players we had we always have a chance of nicking a goal.

5. When that game finished what was it like in the dressing room?

It was a good feeling but we knew we still had the cup final to go so even so it was a good atmosphere we still had a big game left.

  1. Then after that your next game was the historic cup final against  Shamrock Rovers. You had to sit it out due to a profound suspension, how gutted were you that you couldn't play?

It was a sickener to miss that game and a joke the way it happened! The previous final was nowhere near as good occasion as it was at the aviva so 2 miss it was the lowest point in my career so far.

  1. And do you reckon that with your own inclusion you could have changed the outcome of the game? Could you have won before penalties?

I can’t really answer that to be honest, I have been in Ireland 18months and haven’t scored against shams yet so probably not!! ha-ha.. nah the ginger fox (Eoin Doyle) had a great game and we won so it doesn’t really matter.

  1. After the game, what were your feelings? Did you feel a little bit jealous of the lads who were on the Aviva Stadium pitch that day?

I was delighted 4 everyone that we won but id say a little bit envious that I never got the chance to play in front of 36,000 at the aviva who wouldn’t be??!!

  1. What are your goals now for next season?

Our goals are to try to improve every season if we do that we wont go far wrong!!

  1. Finally, who is the best player you’ve ever played with/against?

With the ginger fox (Eoin Doyle) and against Degsey (Derek Foran always tops me and only me in training!)

We would like to thank Matthew for his time and stay tuned tomorrow for Enda Curran :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ryan Guy Interview

  1. Ryan as we know you have left St. Pat’s, what was the main factor in this move?

I'd have to say the motivation for this move is so that my family can be closer together and also so I can be in the eyes of American coaches much more often to increase my chances of possible national team experience

  1. Would you be hoping to go straight to the MLS, or start lower and rise up when you go back to the US?

I would love to go straight in to the MLS if there is enough interest!

  1. If things don’t work out this year, would you ever consider coming back to the LoI?
 I've loved my time playing and living here in Ireland and if things weren't to work out back in the States I'd like to think there will be a place for me back here in Dublin.

  1. What’s your best memory in a Pat’s Shirt

My best memory in a Pat's jersey has to be scoring the winning goal in Pat's first ever away victory in Europe against JFK Olimps from Latvia. It was a diving header at the back post with only minutes remaining. I'll never forget that moment

  1. Will you miss the allure of European Football being on the wrong continent?

European football was definitely the highlight of the season whenever we were involved and I will surely miss that experience. I'm sure there will be equivalent opportunities that will take the place of European football though... at least I hope there will be;-)

  1. Finally, who do you reckon will win the league of Ireland this year?

I may be gone, but I think it may just be St. pat's year to win it.

Thanks guys and remember to check out Matthew Blinkhorn Tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sean Russell Interview

Okay Sean this year UCD came into the Premier Division with the surprising title of First Division Champions, do you reckon with that in mind that this season was relatively successful?

Yes I believe that this season was a success for us because we achieved our main ambition of staying in the premier division. Staying in the top league in the country was one of our main priorities and I believe that we did it in great manor and style by the way we played

And you yourself managed to break into the first team on numerous occasions, were you happy with the amount of appearances you got? 

Yes. I never expected to be called up so soon seen as I was only sixteen and there were other players older and more experienced than me, so I was grateful just for breaking into the first team this season

You played in that historic game against Shamrock Rovers in October, when the final whistle blew, how excited were you?

Yeah when I found out I was playing I was very excited so to go on and win the game was even better. It was great to play against the champions and was a great experience

Do you reckon that results that the College got against teams like that contributed to the dramatic finish at the top of the table?

Yes it all adds up when the season comes to an end. Every point counts as we seen this season. Each team play their part in getting results and it lead to a dramatic and exciting end to the season this year which is what everyone wants to see

Which was your favourite game of the season?

For me personally it would have to be the game against Rovers. It was fantastic to watch so to play in it and be a part of it was great. And of course to beat the league winners is always a good thing

And you were also part of the team who won the A-League final as well; did that win feel good as a send-off for the season?

Yeah it was a good send off. It was good to win some silver wear this year. The A-league was a strong league with a lot of good teams in it so it was great to win it

And did it make it even sweeter that Bohemians played very close to a first-team XI?

I didn’t play the game but it was a great test for the lads to play against a strong Bohs side and we won the match with a deserved win although Bohs did give us a good game.

And finally what are your plans for the future?

Well I’m very happy at UCD at the moment. I believe that as a younger player in Ireland there is not better team to play for, it gives you the most opportunities to prove yourself and gain experience as a young player so I’m happy to stay with UCD for this season.

We would like to thank Sean for his time and remember stay tuned this week as we pile on the interviews with Ryan Guy, Matthew Blinkhorn AND Enda Curran all in Donagh Corby's hot seat.