Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enda Curran Interview

Enda You recently joined Galway United, what made you want to move there?

Firstly the thought of playing premier division football tempted me to make the move and I feel that its time challenge myself against the best of the best in the country

And previously you played with Mervue, did you like it there?

Yeah I really enjoyed my time with Mervue and I am very grateful of getting my chance in the L.O.I at a great club like Mervue

And obviously your from
Galway, was it always a sort of dream to join Galway’s biggest club?

Well I remember going to watch my brother at Galway united from a young age and always imagined I’d be there at some stage and now it's finally happening. So I suppose you could say it was a dream come true ha-ha

And recently Last season’s manager Tom French recently parted company with the club , did that come as a surprise to you or were the players always aware it could happen?

To be honest I was surprised tom left because he done a great job and I am very grateful to tom because he gave me my chance and I’m extremely happy it happened.

Do you think that with Galway United’s current financial situation, the
County of Galway could benefit from a merger of any of the three teams?

In my opinion I don't think a merger would work because both Mervue and Salthill have underage priorities and if this is to happen the structure for development will collapse and alot of good young players will be missing out on the opportunity to start at a lower L.O.I club and progress on to a better standard of football.

While we’re on the subject of mergers do you reckon a merger of the First Division and the Premier Division would work? Or even an Irish League and League OF
Ireland merger?

I think it would work because at the end of the day its about filling the stands and providing income is vital for the football clubs.

Now back to Mervue, what are you going to miss most about that club?

Just the togetherness and banter amongst the lads was amazing because we've played alongside each other for so long so the one of the things I’ll miss most

And what are your aims for next season?

I just hope to help Galway to finish higher in the league and get a good run in the team... playing time is vital to me so hopefully I can get a good run in the side

Finally who inspired you when you were growing up?

It’s a tough one but I’d have to say Robbie Fowler such a great goal poacher

We would like to thank Enda for his time and thanks to all of our viewers!!!

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