Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ryan Guy Interview

  1. Ryan as we know you have left St. Pat’s, what was the main factor in this move?

I'd have to say the motivation for this move is so that my family can be closer together and also so I can be in the eyes of American coaches much more often to increase my chances of possible national team experience

  1. Would you be hoping to go straight to the MLS, or start lower and rise up when you go back to the US?

I would love to go straight in to the MLS if there is enough interest!

  1. If things don’t work out this year, would you ever consider coming back to the LoI?
 I've loved my time playing and living here in Ireland and if things weren't to work out back in the States I'd like to think there will be a place for me back here in Dublin.

  1. What’s your best memory in a Pat’s Shirt

My best memory in a Pat's jersey has to be scoring the winning goal in Pat's first ever away victory in Europe against JFK Olimps from Latvia. It was a diving header at the back post with only minutes remaining. I'll never forget that moment

  1. Will you miss the allure of European Football being on the wrong continent?

European football was definitely the highlight of the season whenever we were involved and I will surely miss that experience. I'm sure there will be equivalent opportunities that will take the place of European football though... at least I hope there will be;-)

  1. Finally, who do you reckon will win the league of Ireland this year?

I may be gone, but I think it may just be St. pat's year to win it.

Thanks guys and remember to check out Matthew Blinkhorn Tomorrow :)

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