Friday, February 11, 2011

Brendan Clarke could be on verge of move!!!

N.B We can confirm that this story is true! Thanks folks! LOI Interview Team! :)

We here at the League Of Ireland Interview Show believe that Brendan Clarke is on his way to title-challengers Sligo Rovers. The winners of the FAI Cup and the EA Sports Cup have yet to say anything but our sources tell us that he is heading down for a view to signing for Sligo Rovers.

     Pictured there for Former club Sporting Fingal who recently have gone out of business and all their players where sent out on free transfers Clarke looks set to be the second player that has already held talks with another club after Dundalk today have announced that they have signed Bolger from Fingal and he said he is trilled with finding a new club so soon after Fingal's trouble's proved to much for them.

 Pictured there for former club UCD when he left them during the same transfer window and signed for Sporting Fingal then was suddenly without a team at all and we especially don't like seen teams go to the Bankers and then probably have to start from scratch again as it basically says the League has lost one of the good teams from it. And this give's barstollers the edge over the league who call it rubbish but as Pacos Ferrira striker most recently pointed out (Amond) he said on his blog that if this league wasn't there where would Seamas Coleman be now? Or the likes of Amond himself! It gives players a steeping stone at least for England like Kieth Fahey and Kevin Doyle! So Greg Bolger has signed for Dundalk thats the main story behind all of this (Sorry for rambling on).
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