Friday, February 4, 2011

Paul O'Connor interview

First of all thanks to Paul for doing this interview with us

 Paul last year during the summer you made the transition from the leinster senior league to the Airtricity league premier division , how much difference is there between the leinster senior league and the premier division ?

 To be honest a lot of aspects are the same but i think the main thing i had to get used to was the high tempo and physicality of airtricity games which i now enjoy.

You played mostly at right back last season but we also saw you playing centre mid a couple of times which is your favourite position ?

 Centre mid is definately my preferred position. I played right back last year just to cover Sean Harding who was out with injury and Brian Shorthall who was suspended.

 Out of last seasons success and victorys over the likes of Shamrock rovers which was your favourite game this season ?

It would have to be beating Shamrock Rovers at home. There was a huge crowd there and Wardys last minute free kick was a great feeling for all of us but i also thought we deserved to win the game as well which made it better.

You played some part in winning the A cahampionship last season and how did it feel to win it ?

It felt great cause its always nice to win some silverwear after such a long season and it just capped the whole year off nicely for me personally.

What are your future plans for your football career ?

My only plans for football are the next two seasons with UCD and helping the team to reach higher levels and maybe achieve some silverwear.

 Who is your favourite team mate at ucd ?

To be honest we are all around the same age on the team so i would get along very well with everyone at the club.

And finally what is your favourite league of Ireland stadium ?

Well im a big fan of the Bowl but apart from that it would have to be Tallaght Stadium.

We’d like to thank Paul again for the interview .

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