Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sligo set to buy another?

N.B This is yet to be confirmed by our sources but it is to be taking seriously as it looks set to be confirmed! Thanks, LOI Inteview Team.                                                                      

Sligo Rovers are in talks with Lorcan Fitzgerald over a possible move to the Bit'O'Red following Sporting Fingal going bust, and this would be the second Sporting Fingal player they would've snapped up and as they have recently signed Brendan Clarke and we all know who broke the news to you about that one!!! Lorcan Fitzgerald plays usually left back for Fingal during the 2010 Season in the Premier Division and was highly rated by many, this signing will catch the eye of many as nobody even heard they were after him or even another player! We would've known about it!! Sligo Rovers eagerly await the new season after buying a good players and as set to make a big title surge against Champions Shamrock Rovers and surely everyone expects them to be up there during the middle and ending , maybe they could be like St.Pats and have a great start and then slowly but surely fade away into the distance, Pats fans have said they didn't expect the title or even a title challenge but they got what they wished and got Europe, as for Sligo Rovers they got Europe and ended with two cups the EA Sports Cup and the FAI Ford Cup and all in all was a highly successful year for the Bit'O'Red's fans. 

LOI interview Team!

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