Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sporting Fingal in deep trouble.

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News announced today that Dublin based club Sporting Fingal will not be taking part in the Setanta Cup and UCD are set to take their place instead didn't come as much as shock to Airtricty League fans as only a week ago it was reported that they failed to pay player's wages and was in trouble and everyone knew this day was coming but not sure when.

Some people gave them a year or 2 , some longer. But it has all come out know as surley they will not be taking place in this years Airtricty League Season and they could end up going out of business. Shamrock Rovers fans will be delighted to see the back of Sporting Fingal as they held a very poor record over them.

With the fact that Sporting Fingal where going to take place in Europe this season it looks most likely that place will be handed down to other Dublin Club St.Patrick's Athletic, Who's fans will be delighted to know that there going to be taking place in Europe if of course Sporting Fingal do indeed go bust.

And news just arrived as we where posting is that all Sporting Fingal players have had their contract's terminated and it looks set for Fingal to be going out of business. More through our facebook page . Thanks for reading and all the followers once again the team at the League of Ireland Interview Show try to make this blog Number 1 in Ireland!!! Thanks.

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