Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"A Surreal Experience" Steven Trimble's Column #3

Drogheda United goalkeeper Steven Trimble gives his views on the goings on at the Louth club as well as the League of Ireland in his third column for "The League of Ireland Interview Show" Blog.

Waking up Saturday morning was a bit of a surreal experience!

We'd beaten Pats in what had to be the best game of the season for us and finished the season on a high! That being the positive, the negative been as the season was over so was the income I received from football!

However I’m one of the lucky ones! I don’t solely rely on football as my main source of income. Unfortunately for some players in the league it’s back to the computer to print out more CVs and if that doesn’t work unfortunately the only option is the social welfare!

I don’t want it to come across as an "oh woe is me" attitude as I’m aware a lot of people out there are out of work and everyone is pulling the purse strings tighter. I’m just simply giving you a perspective from a footballer.

It’s a sad affair when our professionals of the top league in the country depend on the government for income during the close season. And as most contracts are a season to season basis all these players now have an anxious wait to see if they will be employed come February!

However there is a glimmer of hope when you’re out of contract as the PFAI hold training sessions with all out of contract pros that participate in a tournament in Norway which scouts and clubs alike go to view the talent on offer!

A noted major success from this was Daryl Kavanagh who had an excellent season at pats this year! So for me personally its back to full time employment whilst staying fit and waiting anxiously for that phonecall that will tell me where AND if I’ll be back playing in the league next year!