Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The Toughest Training I Have Ever Endured" Steven Trimble's weekly column #1 of 2012

Drogs 'keeper Steven Trimble will  keep us updated every week from now until the end of the season

Last Friday 7 weeks of the toughest training I have endured came to a halt as we walked out in front of 3,000 people to play the champions. 

From day 1 of pre-season everybody connected to Drogheda United both staff and players knew we had turned a corner and were on our way back to where this once successful club belonged. All of our troubles last season both on and off the pitch were well documented however leaving the dressing room after the final game of the season against pats (which in my opinion was one of our best performances) thinking we all had done a good job (that job obviously keeping us in the Premier Division thus laying the solid foundations for our next steps forward). 

The club have invested a lot of hard work into our pre-season schedule and also brought in a new fitness and conditioning coach who made sure we where 100% right stepping onto the pitch on Friday. With only 7 players of last season back with us any doubts of the team not gelling were put to rest within the 1st week when it seemed that the current squad had been together for a greater time period. 

As expected we didn’t have much of the ball on Friday but we worked for each other and as a unit and as the saying goes "hard work will always beat great talent" Although people say Rovers will definitely become a greater force we were missing 8 players and everyone involved with the club including myself expect great things this year. With a near enough full panel I expect to leave turners cross with at least a point. But for now it’s off training to work hard for what we expect to b a tough game against cork